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This cookie stores information about the user's session on the site. The Site does not have an objective functionality to disable the collection of this cookie data due to the fact that it is necessary to ensure the operation of the main functionality of the site and related services.
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The Company's Terms and Conditions do not allow users to upload content that infringes upon intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark. We ask users to be sure that they respect others' legal rights before sharing or uploading content. Publishing or otherwise distributing content for which you do not have authorization is strictly prohibited.

If someone has uploaded a photo or video of you on the Company's website(s) without your knowledge or consent or you have first-hand knowledge of illegal content we encourage you to notify us immediately by email [email protected], in order to initiate a content review process and take other necessary actions. We ask you to include all relevant URL links as well as the reason and any additional context that you feel will assist us in reviewing your request to have the content removed.

All complaints are handled instantly, in case inspection detects a violation of our Terms and Conditions We undertake to remove illegal content from the Company's website(s) no longer than within 48 hours.

Reporting users or content is completely confidential, your name and other personal information will not be shared with the person whose content or account you are reporting.

All members can report content confidentially. When you report something, your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared. Each complaint has an identification ticket and is considered on an individual basis. By using our reporting feature, the members can easily alert our staff to potentially harmful or infringing content. Reporting content this way is easy, and confidential, and serves to alert our team of human moderators to review the identified content or comment.

Last update 02.04.2023