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Content Removal Guidance

This guide explains how to report content that you would like to be removed from our website(s).

Step l: The fastest and simplest way to submit a removal request is to use the report button and fill out the online webform or contact the support team at [email protected].

Providing us with complete information will help us investigate your inquiry.

Step 2: Provide direct links to the offending content

In order to be able to investigate the matter in detail, we would ask you to provide us with the exact links containing the infringing content.

Step 3: Take a screenshot (if necessary)

Step 4: Wait for an answer from the support

Our general ticket processing time is 48 hours, but it may vary for each specific case. Ticket processing time may not indicate the time frame in which the issue will be resolved. Depending on the particular case and the type of issue, it may take a different amount of time for our investigation to be performed.

Step 5: Be ready to provide a copy of your identity

Make sure your ID document is not expired or physically damaged.

Step 6: Support may ask for additional information depending on the nature of your issue

Step 7: If 'clearly illegal" content is detected, it will be deleted immediately

When we receive complaints to remove allegedly illegal content, we review the complaint carefully. lf the content violates the law, it will be deleted immediately.

Last update 02.04.2023