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Adding and Sharing Photo and Video Content

Dear friends.

Publication and distribution of photo and video content on the site comes from albums in the profile.

You can add photos and videos to albums on the “My Photos” and “My Videos” pages. After adding a photo or video to the album, moderation occurs to comply with the site rules, which can be found on the “Content Policy” page.

Photos from albums can be added to Announcements, Groups, Blogs, and also for sending in Chats.

This function is implemented to prevent the distribution of materials prohibited by law, such as child pornography, drugs, etc., as well as to reduce spam and fake profiles.

You are allowed to publish on the site:

  • Your personal photos and/or video content (as the account owner, taken after you reached the age of 18), including together or separately with your partner (who was already 18 years old at the time of shooting and who gave you consent to publish the content with his participation). Photos and videos can be full-length or only show part of the body. Sexual content is published on the site after age confirmation.
  • Photographs of objects or activities that influence the theme of the site, for example: sex toys, sex dolls, clothing for sex and equipment for role-playing sex games and BDSM.
  • Pictures that will be used as a group avatar (after agreement with the administration).

Frequent reasons for rejection during moderation

  • Uploading other people's photo/video materials (including those taken from the Internet).
  • The gender in the photos/videos does not match the gender profile.
  • The photo/video contains watermarks, links to other resources, contact information, social networks or instant messengers.
  • The content violates the site rules. "More details".
  • Poor image quality or uploading very small sized photos.
  • The photo content received from you is not themed for posting on the site, namely the photo content on which:
  • a. Comics, horoscopes, memes, quotes, jokes, games, puzzles, riddles, infographics.
  • b. Hand drawings, drawings made with the help of graphic editors, created with the help of AI, digital art (without the approval of the administration).
  • c. Nature, food, drinks, animals and other situations and objects not related to the general theme of the site.

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